How to use the Zip-it to unblock a drain

I’d like to tell you guys about a new product which I have been using successfully for the last couple of months. This is called the Zip-It, and it the new drain unblocking tool. This will unclog household blockages such as a toilet blockage, or a minor drain blockage. It’s really simple to use and it’s very affordable to buy.

drain blockage

It’s a simple plumbing tool which measures a little over 21 inches long. It’s a little plastic tool which has spikes. You push the Zip-It down the drain, it is very flexible and will be able to maneuver around to the different drains. So you push it down twist it around a little and then slowly pull it back out. The theory here is that the spikes will remove any bit of waste which may be causing the blockage. So if there is a clog of gunk or even hair, this handy little tool will wedge it right out.

The good thing is that it is reusable. Therefore for an affordable price you will get plenty of value for your buck. They come in a handy 12 pack and are less than five euros per pack. These tools are one of the fastest selling items on Amazon in the plumbing category.

When you are using the Zip-It be sure to use gloves. You will get about 18 inches of the Zip-It into a drain, therefore you will need gloves to grip the top. Even if the drain is not blocked it is a good idea to use this tool regardless. Before a drain gets blocked hair will begin to build up, therefore by using this tool ahead of time you will prevent any drains getting blocked up in advance.

This is just a simple piece of plumbing equipment, however it works very effectively. This is such a handy little tool and allows you to go all around the house doing maintenance on your plumbing system. This is a very popular product with plenty of reviews, so you should check it out.

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