Easy Router- Is this the best drain cleaning equipment?

In order to determine whether you are using the proper drain cleaning equipment you must first find the source of the problem. If there is only one drain clogged up in your house then the issue is most likely found in the smaller line leading directly to that drain. If this is the case then the Easy Router is not a tool for the job. You will need to consult your local plumbing store in order to find the best tool to clean smaller drains.


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If more than one drain is blocked then the problem is most likely to be found in a larger line connected to those drains. In this situation the Easy Router is the right piece of plumbing equipment for the job. The tool provides a fast and effective way to clean these types of drains. When you are operating machine you need to understand that there are safety rules which need to be adhered to. This is the same when you are operating any powerful piece of machinery.

You will need to check the power cord to make sure it is not damaged, and make sure that the machine is also plugged into a grounded outlet. You will need to verify that the grounded outlet is connected. If the power cord is not long enough you will need to use a heavy duty extension cord. You will need to make sure that this extension cord is grounded, using an ungrounded extension cord is extremely dangerous.

You should never operate this machine while you are standing in water. You will need to wear gloves when you are handling the machine. You will also need to wear safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes. This is because of the fine dust which can be omitted from the machine.

Operating the Easy Router is only one person job, you should never under any circumstances have anybody else operate the pedal. This could lead to serious injury. If the drain has a chemical drain cleaner in it, you should avoid using the machine. It is also very important to understand how to shut off the machine in the event of an emergency.

Make sure to always read the safety instructions thoroughly before you operate any high-powered machine. If you have any questions relating to the easy route or any other plumbing related tools leave your questions in the comment section.


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