DIY tips – unclogging a backed up toilet

If you have a backed up toilet and nothing seems to unclog it, then this article may help. After using the plunger several times with no success, I purchased a toilet snake. This came highly recommended. Unfortunately, this did not solve the problem either. Next I decided to turn to a chemical solution. I therefore went ahead and purchased “Drain Cleaner” from Mr Muscle.


blocked toilet


This product comes with a lot of safety warnings. You need to ensure you are wearing gloves before you open the bottle. This is because it is pretty harmful. You will also need to make sure you don’t get it on the toilet seat. You will have to leave the water level get as low as possible and then put in two scoopfuls of the solution. This will preheat the water because it has a chemical reaction.

As soon as you put the solution into the toilet you will start to see a slight bit of smoking. You will need to wait 2 to 3 minutes after this. Next you will need to add in 6 to 7 more scoopfuls. After this you will see a lot of smoking. This is the chemical heating up and reacting with the water. It is nothing to worry about and is normal. If you have an extractor fan you will need to go ahead and turn this on now. This is because of all chemical fumes.

The next step is to flush the toilet two or three times. Depending on how backed up the toilet is, you may need to flushes more than three times. Once the toilet has been unblocked you should flush it a couple of more times afterwards just to ensure that there are no more chemicals floating around.

So there you have it when all else failed the chemical solution managed to work. The “Drain Cleaner” from Mr Muscle contains sulfuric acid, which was able to penetrate the blockage and unclog the toilet in next to no time.

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