Plumbing Tools

How to use the Zip-it to unblock a drain

I’d like to tell you guys about a new product which I have been using successfully for the last couple of months. This is called the Zip-It, and it the new drain unblocking tool. This will unclog household blockages such as a toilet blockage, or a minor drain blockage. It’s…

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Easy Router- Is this the best drain cleaning equipment?

In order to determine whether you are using the proper drain cleaning equipment you must first find the source of the problem. If there is only one drain clogged up in your house then the issue is most likely found in the smaller line leading directly to that drain. If…

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DIY tips – unclogging a backed up toilet

If you have a backed up toilet and nothing seems to unclog it, then this article may help. After using the plunger several times with no success, I purchased a toilet snake. This came highly recommended. Unfortunately, this did not solve the problem either. Next I decided to turn to…

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