Plumbing Tools

Today I’m going to share with the amazing little secret which we are using here at PES Plumbers Cork to change the way we do plumbing and gas boiler maintenance throughout Cork. This is a new tool we are using called the Viega Press Gun. This is something we now use to crimp copper and gas fittings together.

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Unlike the old days, people used to think that a plumber would come out and wield the pipes together. Even though this still happens, it is an outdated method. It is also very time-consuming compared to using the Viega Press Gun. Although there are still some circumstances where you will need to weld the copper and gas fittings together, we try to avoid it if at all necessary. Our new method is known as pressing or crimping the copper together.

The Viega Press Gun can be used with all types of new copper fittings such as a treaded brass connector. This is a small fitting which connects to the copper pipe. You can see straight down into it and it can be screwed into a shower mixer, a bath mixture or some similar connection. Likewise the Viega Press Gun can be used with a 20ml copper T-Piece. The T-Piece is used for water pipes and is one of the most commonly used plumbing connections. It is found in nearly every house and has a multi-function use. There are gas versions of this connection available. These are indicated with a yellow marking on the inside of connection and should not be confused with the regular water fitting. The Viega Press Gun is also our plumbing tool of choice when dealing with any W3 water fittings. These fittings have three lugs on the end to distinguish them from other connections. The Viega Press Gun allows us to potentially fix a damaged W3 connection. This will save client money as we will not have to replace the part.

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In order to crimp a piece of copper tubing, first pushed the tube into the jaws of the Viega Press Gun. This will hold the tubing in place. You will need to turn the tool on at the back to ensure you have power. So when you pull on the trigger the jaws will come together and within five seconds the crimping will be performed and the pipe will now be watertight. It really is as simple as that.

The machine can work with pipes up to 100mm in diameter. The joint will take a little bit longer to compress, however when you compare this to wielding, you are still saving time. Providing that the joints are crimped properly with the correct settings applied to the Viega Press Gun, then the chances of getting a leak in the pipe are extremely low. The fittings tend to be slightly more expensive when you are using this plumbing tool, however the overall time that you are saving by using this technique makes it worthwhile.

Overall, we found that incorporating this tool into plumbing arsenal we are now streets ahead of competition when it comes to getting a job done professionally and on time. In the long run customers are saving money which also makes us look good.

This is an exciting new piece of equipment within the plumbing industry, and something that we at PES plumbers Cork are proud to be able to offer our customers.